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About Doctor Strange

Country: United States

Year: 2016

Category: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Release Date: 25 October 2016

Director: Scott Derrickson

Starring: Jon Spaihts, Scott Derrickson

Age Restriction: 13 years

Duration: 115 minutes

Budget: $165,000,000

Box Office: $?

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3 Great Reasons To Watch Doctor Strange

“Doctor Strange”, The project known as MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) he may put many drawbacks, but as a work of engineering, is impressive. What eight years ago began as a series of reasonably earthly stories about heroes like Iron Man or Captain America, has been expanded to a whole galaxy full of Norse gods and green aliens and raccoons speaking, all without losing his (nurtured) public. And now, with 'Doctor Strange', the universe expands a little more, to parallel dimensions, and astral planes, and chases through inverted temporality, and magic portals that allow travel as far as the mind can imagine. And dazzling magical battles in which space, time, gravity and even reality itself become weapons.

The first movie of the film that saw the light, months ago, invited comparisons with 'Origin' (2011) by those images of cities that fold in on themselves. But here the cities not only bend but they break in fractal shapes and gears rotate as they were; buildings disintegrate, multiply and take on new configurations around the combatants, forcing them to be creative as any Marvel superhero had to be ever before; cityscapes are reconstructed as time begins to move in the opposite direction, in a climax that not only works as a response to critics of Marvel for their tendency to destroy cities in every movie, but also one of the action sequences more inventive than they remember. Visually, then, 'Doctor Strange' psychedelic manages to show more creativity than all the other Marvel movies together.

That, moreover, means that watching her, one feels like a dose of dilute acid in the coffee making their way to work. That is, a handful of hallucinogenic ingredients sprinkled on a family recipe; roundly innovative images connected with typical, formulaic, origin story, full of action and some drama and moments of mood -some quite forced.”...
We know an egomaniac just worried about money and notoriety, who at one point suffered an accident that almost cost him his life, seeking radicals to cure treatments, and in the process learns to be a better human being and at the end Save the world. If this experience sounds familiar, it is because it is the same as that illustrated 'Iron Man', who took a superhero hitherto unknown and became one of the most recognizable characters in the world. That same promises happen to Doctor Strange. After all, Robert Downey Jr. gets older and will not play Tony Stark forever, and someone will have to succeed him as head of the MCU.

There in the dynamics of Marvel films a common conditioning: everything is apocalyptic, splendorous, a box of thunder in which the viewer's retina is re-created on the surface, scrape the package delivered superfluous. It may be that the reason that "Dr. Strange "was in the queue of projects. It is not easy digestion for common stomachs. Written by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko drawings move in alternative worlds, magics and complex folds of mind that are not easy to capture on film.

#3 A great release date: October 25, 2016

In this regard, Derrickson has made almost bright splendid job. It has come just where it did not "Origin" (both films work in the same plane), mainly because Nolan sometimes gives to go elegant and transcendent, dangerously along trails leading inexorably to Malick or vade retro, to von Trier, which is the worst thing that can happen to a filmmaker....

Doctor Strange Development

Derrickson has been as brave Nolan was not "Origin", although one had a magic wand in his power: who owns Benedict Cumberbatch, who is one of those actors that no matter what he does, everything he touches the improvement. His performance as the magical Strange is excellent, but as a human doctor is second to none. The truth is that Cumberbatch (English actor of noble descent, educated in the best schools and British schools) started with advantage: having made Sherlock Holmes, a similar character in arrogance (that which leads one to think that 'what one is at the top ") that comes from a superior culture and be unreachable for normal intelligence...

Doctor Strange Full Movie Storyline

“Doctor Strange” The film itself is a visual treat of such a high level that leaves the script far below. Marvel has probably exceeded fireworks as usual had not done in any of his previous work. But if the script is not up nor is it something that drag the film, because the mere performance of Cumberbatch, spotless at all times, giving presents to the viewer.
Beyond my possible review of the madness that seems to be invading the world, these data should not be surprised that the big producers continue with their plans to invade the world of comic book heroes billboards until we have grandchildren. And Doctor Strange, the second film known as Marvel Phase 3 is a new notch in this locker gold and tights, but this time the trip will be much more psychedelic. We already know the Avengers, we have seen gods fight in Asgard and The Guardians of the Galaxy fight in the skull of a dead Celestial, but still we had not faced the multiverse, a kaleidoscope of opportunities capable of turning in on itself, change reality and even stop time. Magic capitalized lands at Marvel, and is here to stay.!
Dr. Stephen Strange is a true winner, as evidenced by his worth as a neurosurgeon, his privileged memory and all his money, but nothing prepares to suffer a terrible accident that damages the nerves in your hands. Unfit to practice medicine, a cure becomes his obsession, a fixation that will take you discover a whole new world. .

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